All tenants are expected to keep their apartments clean and orderly. Paintings, posters, etc., may be hung on the walls.  Please use small nails or thumb tacks instead of stick-on tape or putty. Tape and putty cause considerable damage to walls when removed. Charges will be made at termination of the lease for these damages.

Tenants are responsible for the condition of the furniture. The oak furniture may NOT be cleaned with water. Furniture polish is advisable. Please use coasters under your glassware. Fiberglass tub enclosures may only be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners. Please be cautious when using products with bleach. Bleach causes damage to the carpet.

INSURANCE: GN Associates is NOT responsible for your personal property. Should you be concerned with the possibility of fire, theft, or other casualty, you should contact your personal insurance agent about Renter’s Insurance.

TOILET STOPPAGE: Should you experience a toilet overflow, immediately shut off the water by turning off the valve found at the base of the toilet. We have provided each apartment with a plunger which can alleviate most stoppages. We also remind all residents that at no time are they to flush sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, Q-tips, or rags down the toilet. This will result in a sewer-line backup which will not only damage your apartment but your neighbor’s as well. Toilet stoppages and damages resulting from negligence will be charged to the tenants. Please try plunging the toilet prior to calling emergency maintenance. If a maintenance person needs to be dispatched after 4:30pm and the toilet only needs to be plunged, a minimum fee of $25.00 will be charged.

DISHWASHERS: Only detergents specifically designed for dishwashers, such as Cascade or Electrosol, should be used. Do not use regular laundry or dish detergent, as this will cause overflowing. Any damage caused by using improper detergent will be charged to all Lessees.

MICROWAVE: Your apartment has been furnished with a microwave. Please do not put any type of metal or foil objects in the microwave at any time, as this will damage the microwave. Any damage to the microwave as a result of negligence will be charged to the tenant.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: The garbage disposal is located in your sink and is operated by a switch directly above it. The disposal may be used only when cold water is running. Do not put any type of metal, bones, or hot grease into the disposal. Pop-top can tabs, banana peels, grease, and cigarette filters will jam, and many times permanently break a garbage disposal. We will have no alternative but to charge anyone whose disposal breaks as a result of jamming from these items.Before reporting your garbage disposal as being inoperative, please push the reset button located on the disposal, under the sink. If this does not alleviate the problem, please contact the office during business hours.

LIGHTS: GN Associates has furnished your apartment with working light bulbs. It is your responsibility to replace all bulbs except the fluorescent kitchen light bulbs. We expect all bulbs to be working when you vacate the premises, or charges will be made against your security deposit. The desk lamp bulbs cannot be over 40 watts. The recommended wattage for the lamps is 60 watts.